Top 10 Best | Mini Wireless Phone Charger (Reviews & Buying Guide)


Are you looking for the Best mini wireless phone charger to buy? In this article you will find a complete review on wireless phone chargers. All the best wireless cell phone chargers are listing below to make your purchase decision easier.

In this article, the product description is about the overall quality of the product. Professionals mean a set of product advantages. And finally, their pros and con refers to the set of negative aspects of the charger. It is necessary to decide to purchase these three items; that’s why the list is here. So you can easily select your preferred wireless charger from this list for your device.

Top 10 Best Mini Wireless Phone Charger Reviews

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacRAVPowerBrand : RAVPower
Color : Black
Power Source : Wireless
Check Price
BelkinBrand : Belkin
Color : White
Power Source : Wireless
Check Price
cordlessblowerPowlaKenBrand : POWLAKEN
Color : Black
Power Source : Electric
Check Price
cordlessblowerTOZO W1Brand : TOZO
Color : Royal blue
Power Source : USB
Check Price
cordlessblowerNANAMIBrand : Nanami
Color : Black
Power Source : USB
Check Price
cordlessblowerMophie Compatible : Smartphones
Brand : Mophie
Color : Black
Check Price
cordlessblowerSamsungBrand : Samsung
Color : Black
Power Source : Socket
Check Price
cordlessblowerVenoroBrand : Venoro
Color : Silber
Power Source : USB
Check Price
cordlessblowerSanDisk Brand : SanDisk
Power: Socket
Color : White
Check Price
cordlessblowerXDesignCompatible : Smartphones
Brand : XDesign
Power Source : Corded
Check Price


01. Ravpower Mini Wireless Phone Charger

The RavPower Wireless Charger looks like a classic USB coffee cup. You need to put your phone in the charging stand, and it will take a few seconds to connect and get charged instantly.

This charger requires 30 minutes to charge all Q-enabled devices fully. RAVPower is using HyperAir technology which helps in fast charging. Even for iPhone and Samsung mobiles, it is charging 20% ​​faster.


Its double-sided silicone attachment helps to provide a stable charging connection. Its double attachment helps protect your phone from scratches. So you can use a power of 7.5 to 10 W without the terrible risk for your Q-capable devices.

RavPower Features:

  • Fast charging for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy
  • Stay tuned to charge your phone and millions of people using it.
  • You will get a separate charging mode with a 2.0 / 3.0 adapter.
  • It has high protection that protects your phone from scratches and burns.
  • You will receive 18 months of customer support from the company’s website.

Pros & Cons

  • Provide 5W charging support for non-fast devices
  • It will take 30 minutes only to charge all Q-enabled devices fully
  • The durability of all devices is being charged by controlling the temperature
  • 5W for iPhone and 10W for Samsung phone
  • Non-Kiwi devices require a charging cover
  • Stop charging if magnetic objects found nearby

02. Belkin Wireless Charger To Boost Up Charging

The Belkin Wireless Charger is being sold at an affordable price on Amazon. The charger is designing with multi-colour LED light. When you connect your charger to the phone, it will show you a blue light. And when your phone is fully charged, it shows a green light. Know about mini wireless phone charger more in depth.


If you buy this Belkin charger, you will get a reliable charging stand for adequate charging stability. You will find a USB cable and an AC wall adapter included in the package. The Belkin Wireless Charger is one of the best selling products in the wireless charging industry.

The Belkin Wireless Charger provides a 5W standard charging speed. It supports iPhone, Samsung, LG, Google and many more.

Belkin Charger Features:

  • This charger has a Q-certified charging speed of 5w to 10w.
  • This Boost Up Wireless Charger Pad is designing with the latest technology.
  • You will get an AC adapter with the delivery package
  • It has a safety grip that will protect your device from high degree power.
  • Assists you whether your device is fully charged, including the charging status.

Pros & Cons

  • The Belkin charger looks excellent compared to other chargers
  • It takes 30 minutes to charge your device fully
  • Its power starts from 5W to 15W for all electrical appliances
  • It has a stiff pad that protects against overcharging
  • You need the original USB cable connection for the charging stand
  • Its customer services go off-line sometimes

03. Powlaken 4 in 1 Mini Wireless Phone Charger

Use the Powlaken 4 in 1 charger for iPhone, iWatch and other Q-enabled devices to charge your charge faster. I think this Povlaken 4 in 1 charger will be the best choice for you. It is the fastest connection charger with charging speed charging support. It helps you provide a stable connection to all your iPhone series.


This Paulken 4 in 1 charger uses aluminium and has a suitable weight for easy carrying anywhere. It has a night mode option to charge your iPhone at night without any overcharge. Its charging stand is 40mm for holding your cue-enabled devices.

Powlaken Features:

  • Easy to set up anywhere in your office and home
  • This Powlaken charging stand supports all Apple products
  • It looks excellent and multiplies your eyes
  • You can connect three devices and make a stable connection
  • It is a luxury product that has 100% customer satisfaction

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to set up on the wall
  • Supports all Apple devices
  • Designing with Chinese and western culture
  • No burning, no over-heating while charging
  • You need original USB cables
  • Scratch would be tough to remove

04. Tozo W1 Wireless Phone Charger

Are you looking for a long-lasting charger? This Tozo W1 will be the best charger. This charging you will get at a reasonable price in the Amazon store. It is uniquely designed to distinguish it from other chargers on the market.


The Tozo wireless charger is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, and there is no concern for extra charging. You can place this charger in any corner of your home or office. Its powerful functionality notifies you when connected and fully charged.

Tozo W1 Features:

  • High-value technology is using to make this wireless charger
  • Its aviation aluminium charging stand is stable for a long time
  • It is building with protection and enables sleeping mode when charging at night
  • Its charging performance is excellent according to the customers
  • No worries about overcharging and overheating

Pros & Cons

  • Its metal detector protects your phone from overcharging
  • Fast charging with the main cable
  • Enabling multiple functionalities when turned on
  • It has a protective cover to protect your phone from scratches
  • It goes on slow charging without the main wires
  • No queue-enabled devices are on supporting

05. Nanami Mini Wireless Phone Charger

Nanami is the best wireless charger for your Apple products. It shows the great and perfect design for customers. You can easily display their equipment on the charging stand. Its powerful charging pad gives you a stable connection while charging your devices.


Its rubber-made charging pad helps protect your phone from burn injuries. The anonymous light function enables you to be aware of its activities. You will get excessive charging and full charge notification.

Nanami Features:

  • Use your device while charging mode
  • It contains a high-quality material using ABs
  • Good stability connection when charging your devices
  • It would be easy to set up anywhere in your home and office
  • According to its customers, Nanami is making high-quality chargers

Pros & Cons

  • Two coil Q enabled wireless charger
  • Good quality charging stand for a long time for use
  • The indicator light shows its current state
  • Its non-slip pad for a stable connection
  • You only need to use the original USB
  • If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to buy a new case

06. Mophie Universal Mini Wireless Phone Charger

This intelligent wireless phone charger will be the best choice for your needs. The Mophie Wireless Charger has a standard charging pad that works for a long time and with solid charging capabilities.


This charger is thinner compared to other chargers on the market. You can also use this charger in your office desk, coffee table and kitchen, garden and home. It connects when you display your device on the stand. The charger requires the only 5W for all Q-enabled devices.

Chotech Features:

  • It is an ultra-slim and looks beautiful compared to other chargers
  • Anti-slip rubber helps protect your device from short circuit injuries
  • It contains an element that is going to control high temperatures
  • The Chotek charger is compatible with all Q-enabled devices

Pros & Cons

  • Multi-character functionality enabled
  • Instant and fast charging connection
  • It’s easy to set up and manage to get around anywhere
  • Rubber makes this charger protective for devices
  • Don’t use the higher voltage
  • Use original USB cables

07. Samsung Fast Mini Wireless Phone Charger

The Samsung Quick Wireless Charger is smooth and compatible with Q-enabled devices. It has a significant advantage that the cord of this charger is compatible with any device. Your main charger needs to be set with the main cable, and then the line is not required.


While charging your device at the charging stand, you can use your device to check notifications, watch videos and listen to the audio. It is easy to use your device in both portable and landscape mode. In contrast, you are charging your phone, no worries about whether it is charging or not. Its a multi-function lighting system to keep you informed about your device’s current state.

Samsung Features:

  • The cooling system built into the charging pad
  • Instant charging connection with notification option
  • Certified to make sure your device is safe while charging
  • Compatible with any micro USB hub
  • Standard charging speed for any other Q-enabled devices

Pros & Cons

  • Fast charging is enabling for all Samsung devices
  • Easy to set up on the wall
  • The iPhone only charges quickly with cables
  • Light indicator to check phone’s charging status
  • It is losing connection after a long time of use
  • You cannot predict its long-term use

08. Venoro Mini Wireless Phone Charger

The Venoro Charger will be the best choice for your wireless charger that supports QC 3.0 AC adapters. So no need to buy any extra adapter for thisVenoro charger. No wiring trouble; only the charging pad needs connection once. You can use your charging pad to connect your device.


You can also use your device while charging at the Venoro charging stand. It’s now easier for you to use your device in both portable and landscape mode to verify notifications, watch videos, listen to music, and the like. If your device is fully charged, it gives you the green light indicator. You can check the notification at any time to see if your phone is fully charged.

Venoro Features:

  • Instant charging connection for any other Q-enabled devices
  • Help is being charged while using your devices in any mode
  • It has a safety certificate to protect your device from burning injuries
  • Easy to set up in the office, kitchen, garden and any harmonious place
  • Multi-function light enables system status checks

Pros & Cons

  • Fast charging mode to use when charging your device
  • It is set to both portable and landscape mode
  • Fixed charging connection for long-lasting service
  • High-quality ABS technology ensures the best quality
  • Its blue light goes turn off after 5 seconds
  • You can not charge except for the original wires

09. SanDisk Ixpand Mini Wireless Phone Charger

The SanDick wireless charger is capable enough to charge any Qi-capable device at ten watts of power. So no worries about supporting your QI devices. You can set up this anchor charger anywhere in your home and office. It will fit easily in your kitchen, coffee table and your bed. You can use your phone while you are using your device is lying on the charging pad.


Its rigid charging pad gives you instant charging and a stable connection till full charge. The SanDisk has a functional chipset that delivers a ten W standard charging speed for any Kiwi device. It is the best support for Samsung to enable charging at ten watts of power. There are different charging modes like 15W, 10W and 5W. Specifically, it is 5W for all Q-powered devices.

SanDick Features:

  • Good optimization for Samsung, iPhone, Sony and LG
  • Usable while your device is charging
  • Easy to set up on the wall in your home and office
  • Protected and protected from overheating as well as overheating

Pros & Cons

  • It requires little space to set up a charging stand
  • You need 18-W to charge your device on the wall
  • Fast charging mode enables to ensure standard charging speed
  • Samsung works even better in terms of its charging
  • You will need to purchase an additional adapter.
  • You need to use the original wires.

10. XDesign Mini Wireless Charger

Those who used this charger for the first time had a good experience. Now it’s your time to say goodbye to the traditional cable charger. It seems to be good and capable enough to provide instant charging for any Qi-enabled devices. Its charging stand helps protect your device from overcharging and overheating.

XDesign has recognized the charging case as a long-lasting charging case. So there is no doubt about using your device at night in the charging stand as it efficiently stops overcharging. UTIC has been focusing on making wireless chargers since 2013.

XDesign Features:

  • There are different charging modes for other devices.
  • It is supporting QC 2.0 and 3.0 adapters for a stable connection.
  • Get a user-friendly design and instant connection to the charging stand.
  • Multi-function enables you to confirm the current status.
  • Easy to use and set up on the wall

Pros & Cons

  • It comes on the market with a micro USB cable
  • It enables fast charging mode
  • Get the best charging speed of iPhone 8+
  • 3.5W – 5W standard charging for Qi-enabled devices
  • You will need to purchase an additional QC adapter
  • You need to use the original cable to get the best charging speed

A Complete Guide | How To Choose A Mini Wireless Phone Charger?

Choosing a wireless charger in 2020 || Buying a suitable wireless charger can be difficult for you when you are busy. Making an easy purchase decision requires time to monitor your experience or market. If you are new to the need to buy your wireless charger, you have to learn a few things.

In the market, you will see many options to choose the wireless charger for you. You will find more details on the wireless charger here to make your easy buying decision.

Many products come from different brands and others in their function, shape and size. All wireless chargers support Android and iPhone. However, some wireless chargers are different for various reasons, and some do not include everything you need in the box.

Wireless charging phones are now available on the market for the last several years. We know wireless chargers aren’t delivering with new devices. It means if you want to buy a wireless charger, you need to shop online.

Moreover, It would be difficult to choose your desired wireless charger due to market strategies, and all the information will confuse you. So the article is here to provide you with accurate information. You will get your answers from here; whatever comes to your mind, it does not matter. Study this complete guide on how to choose wireless charger wireless.

Qi-Charging Support

First, you need to check if your phone is Q-enabled. Most mobile devices are launching with Q-enabled. Transfers wireless power using inductive charging at distances up to 4 cm.

Compatible Device

If your device is compatible with Kiwi support, the device is ready for wireless charging. Note that the iPhone’s wireless charging pad is the same for Android. It is easy to use the same charging pad for all your Qi-supported devices.

Select The Design

You will find into the market many wireless chargers in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the design depending on your purpose will be your next priority. If you want to use it sitting at home, the “Unitek” pad would be the best choice.

The pad design looks flat and easy to set on the floor is because of the pad design. You will find other models like permanent pockets. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Nanami is suitable for those who are having children at home.

Deal With Watt

Wireless charging instantly starts at 5W, but most phones support more watts due to faster charging. The iPhone is designed to charge at a maximum speed of 7.5W. Samsung’s phones are charging 9W. And another Android version is supporting up to 10W.

Keep In Connecting

Most wireless charging pads need to be plugged into an adapter. A wall outlet is necessary to pass electricity. Some companies make wireless chargers that have a weird need to connect to a charging stand. And others are making chargers using MicroUSB or USB-C.

Wall Adapter

Before buying a wireless charger, you can check if the charging pad comes in the market with a wall adapter. If you see the wireless charger comes with a wall adapter, you’ll have the option to use 5 to 10 watts. More watts help your device charge faster. However, you need to check if your phone supports more watts quickly.

Wireless Charger Grip

The pad uses a rubber ring that can help keep your phone from slipping around. Many companies are considering producing tight grip wireless charging. You will see that all the chargers have a rubber grip. If your charger does not have a grip, your device may slip out of your hand.

Wireless Charger Coil

Each wireless cell phone charger has a single charging coil to transfer power to the device. You will find that some chargers come on the market with two or three coils. So, what is the advantage of the question? A multi-coil charger will give you more power while using the device for a variety of reasons.

Standard Brand

A wireless charging pad is still charging, but it is being manufactured separately by other companies. You will see that In the market, there is a huge demand. The wireless charger transmits an electric current through your precious smartphone. Usually, nothing is happening with your device or phone.

Size And Shape

There are many styles of wireless chargers that you will find in the market. Some wireless chargers are large, some small and some flat. You will get a charging pad that will charge your phone at an angle. And something that charges your device to lie on a pad. Are you buying a desk?

Price Of The Wireless Charger

If you search the Amazon marketplace, you will find a wireless phone charger for $10-40. The price isn’t so high for getting an adorable, intelligent charging pad. Whether you want to get these benefits or back up wired charging is a consideration. You will have a better experience if you use one more wireless charger.

Charger Warranty

All chargers give you the lowest warranty on the charging stand. The warranty varies from company to company. The warranty card that you pick up in the charging box includes a warranty from your purchase date. The product warranty allows customers to have an option to change it.

Place To Use The Wireless Charger

You can use a wireless charger in your at-home place, in the bedroom and even in the kitchen. The wireless charger is flexible to move from one place to another. In recent years people have been using wireless chargers at conference meetings.

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FAQ | Mini Wireless Phone Charger

How Does The Wireless Charger Work?

Wireless charging works on transferring electrical power from the charging pad to a receiver. The receiver is set on the back of your phone with a cover attached to the charging port.

When you place your device on a charging pad or stand, the receiver takes the charger from charging 4mm. We know each wireless charger uses an induction coil to generate electrical power. The receiver coil converts energy into the phone’s battery.

How Do I Enable Wireless Charging?

Attach or place your device on a wireless charging stand or pad. Place the charger on a pad or stand. Before that, you need to use a magnetic attachment on the charging port of your device. And then put your iPhone / Android face to face on the charger. Your device will charge in a few.

Is It Worth Buying A Wireless Charger?

There is no wireless charging to charge as fast as a wired charger. However, wireless charging has some advantages. Wireless charging is flexible to go anywhere, and no wiring connection is necessary. Therefore, many electrical items are shifting from wireless charging to wireless charging. So it’s time to change yourself with the change of time.

Are Cheap Wireless Chargers Safe?

Yes, but it depends on the wattage of the wireless charger. If you want to use more watts to charge your device quickly, it will cost a bit more, but not $60. If you think you need fewer watts for the charger, your phone will need a charger for ড 11.

Are All Wireless Chargers The Same?

Yes, these are all made as a universal connection. It does not matter where you have an iPhone or Galaxy, or any other device. They all work with the same pad. The good news that the wireless charger supports any Q-enabled device. It could be a phone, iWatch, or another wireless item like a speaker.

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The Final Verdict | Mini Wireless Phone Charger

Charging systems are being updated as technology changes. We need to charge our devices wirelessly. It is a standard way to assess your device quickly. Wireless charging starts at 5.5W, 9W or even 15W. Sometimes phone software plays an essential role in fast charging.

For nan example, an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Android version 7.5W can take charge. On the other hand, for iOS 11.1 and different Android versions, you can charge at 5W. So, you need to decide whether you need a fast wireless charger with more watts or fewer watts.

I hope all the information will give you the right way to buy your desired wireless charger. So finally, you can buy your desired wireless charger today !!


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