10 Common Misconceptions about Cell Phone Batteries

Have you some common misconceptions about Cell Phone Batteries? In today’s world, our expectations are growing by the day, and we expect any job to be completed in a matter of seconds. We used these electronic devices to carry out our everyday personal and professional activities. Note; To save energy and prolong the LG g6 battery life, we must use them strategically.

We use these devices during the day, which causes battery drain. But, if you use them effectively, you will extend the life of your battery. Lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries are commonly used in Smartphone and tablet batteries. They are more convenient to use because they charge your phone’s battery at all times. These lithium-ion mobile batteries are either non-removable or cannot be removed, so you must properly care for and maintain them.

To save energy and prolong the LG g6 battery life, we must use them strategically. If you don’t care about your phone’s battery life, you may find yourself in need of an LG G6 battery replacement in the future. In this article, we are going to discuss 10 Common Misconceptions about Cell Phone Batteries.

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Need to know Misconception about Cell Phone Batteries


  1.  We can’t imagine a world without electronics for even a minute, so batteries are like oxygen to these devices, and we need to keep them charged. Their upkeep can entail using high-quality materials by the manufacturer, followed by successful use by the consumer to ensure that the battery life is not impacted.
  2.  If you buy a high-quality battery but don’t maintain it, the performance will suffer, so you must make good use of it. Use all of your gadgets’ apps and software properly, and charge your battery regularly or as required. Note; To save energy and prolong the LG g6 battery life, we must use them strategically.
  3.  The future will undoubtedly lead to further advancement and change in our lives, so we should thank technology for all tools that assist us in making our daily tasks simple and complete within a certain amount of time, so we should thank and conserve our efficient gadgets.
  4.  If we use our battery correctly, we will not experience any delays in our work and will complete all tasks without difficulty. As the battery life improves, we will achieve more of our personal and professional jobs. If the battery life is short, it will be difficult for any professional whose entire business depends on these devices.

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10 Common Misconceptions about Cell Phone Batteries

  1. Always charged full your cell phone before using it

Many people think that we have to charge our cell phones until it hits 100%. This is not true. You keep your mobile battery between 40 % and 80% as it is an ideal charging percentage. There is no need to charge your phone battery 100%, and if you don’t do this, your Smartphone battery damages. Whenever charging is below 40%, then you should plug in your charge.

2. Keep your battery in the freezer to extend its life

This is false even too hot and cold area is dangerous for our cell phone battery. Our phones get hot when we charge them. If we charge our phone at too high a temperature, it would overheat and maybe explode; but, if we charge in a colder atmosphere, it will charge too slowly and take a long time to achieve the appropriate charge level. To save energy and prolong the LG g6 battery life, we must use them strategically.

Always remember that these electronic devices perform all of our daily chores. Thus we must take care of them according to their instructions. The temperature has a significant impact on the performance of the iPhone XR battery. The temperature entirely determines the pace of battery depletion. Is it feasible to open and remove the lid from the case? When your phone is charging, you should switch to airplane mode.

3. Switch off Wi-fi, Bluetooth for better battery life

This is a myth that if you are using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location services, then your battery drains too much. When you are using them only that time, your battery will drain. If you want to increase your battery life, then you should use dim light on the screen.

4. Configure task manager to increase the battery life

Some people said that after controlling all Apps, you could save battery life, but it is not valid. You can’t increase your battery life by doing these activities. To save energy and prolong the LG g6 battery life, we must use them strategically.

5. Internet drains the battery faster as compare to other apps

 We all are using the internet for doing all personal and professional tasks. Battery faster drains due to playing games and watch movies. When you are doing some graphics-intensive activities, then only your cell phone battery drains faster.

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6. Switch off your battery damage your cell phone battery

How can switch-off phone damage your cell phone battery? No doubt when you switch off your phone at that time also your battery draining but it is not mean that it will damage your phone battery. To save energy and prolong the LG g6 battery life, we must use them strategically.

7. Don’t use the cell phone while charging

While charging your Smartphone battery does not affect the life of the battery. These days our phones are not a box that helps you call and text, but it is smart they are getting when you are not using them.

8. Charging the Smartphone for long hours may damage your battery

As discussed earlier, our cell phone becomes smart, so they get to charge at up to 100% level. After complete charging, it will stop their charging. To save energy and prolong the LG g6 battery life, we must use them strategically.

9. Off –Brand Charge decrease your cell phone battery’s life

Some of the chargers are not optimal to charge every smartphone, but it not true that Off –Brand Charge decreases your cell phone battery’s life. If your Off-brand charger is compatible with your cell phone, then there is no issue with battery life.

10. The battery is like a memory

It is a myth that a battery is a memory because there is no kind of digital storage available in your cell phone battery. It can only do storage of electrical charge. To save energy and prolong the LG g6 battery life, we must use them strategically.

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Final Thoughts | LG G6

After reading this post, I hope that you will have a better understanding of how to make our batteries perform better than others. We guarantee that if you follow all of the above suggestions, you can meet your target. The battery is an essential component of many of our electronic devices, including tablet batteries, LG g6 batteries, car batteries, and so on. Many of their jobs necessitate the use of batteries.

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